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Live Chat for Web Sites : Real Time Help, Support,
Visitor Monitoring and Tracking

Live Chat For More Sales From Your Web Site

Chat live with your customer on one to one basis solve their queries at the point of their buying interest. This helps in closing sales faster. Live support brings more confidence to your customers.

Real Time Visitor Monitoring and Tracking

Track how many visitors on your web site on which web page they are. How long they are on your web site. From where they are here. A tool for extensive details for visitors.

Use live chat software, provide Live Help / Support

Make web site live and interactive, offer best customer care services, support them when they need. Help multiple customers at the same time, use canned responses and push web pages, this reduces cost and improves response time.

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Incomparable features at unbeatable price (starts from $9.99 per month)

  Real Time Visitor Monitoring
  One to One Text Live Chat
  Pro-Active Chat Invitation
  Customizable On-line/Off-line Status Graphics
  Push Urls
  Integrate with Auction web sites (ebay etc.)
  Various Audio Notifications
  Choice of two Interface for Visitor Monitoring and Chatting (Web base interface or Windows Application)
  Invisible Hits Counter/ Hits Log Analysis
  Customizable Visitor Chat Window
  Use in Any Language (Provide Support using Any language)
  Visitor Geo Location tracking (City, Region and Country)
  Canned Responses
  Pro-Popups/Auto Popups
  Pay Per click or Advertisement Campaign Tracking
  Send Live Support status in Emails and more...


Live customer support software. Hosted software application for live chat. Software to provide real time help and support to your web site visitors. Increase sales, improve marketing, real time sales assistance to your web site visitors, more visitor interaction more sales. Software help in increasing sales. See the effect almost immediate.

Why Live Support on my web site : You have an impressive web site, you have enough visitors on your web site. But sales are not as per the expectations. Personalization is missing in this scenario. Personalizes your relationship with web site visitors, let them feel your website is live. Do not leave your web site visitors with unanswered questions. If your website visitor does not get the answer of their all questions you loose your sales. Web site visitor is different in nature. If they do not like, they do not tell any thing to you, they simply move to next web site. So you should proactively talk to your web site visitors. Live Support is symbolizes liveliness and reliability of your website. Your website visitors have one more reason to trust on your website is Live Help. If you provide support in real time to your customer for your product or services, you have one more major plus for your customers. Customer knows now they need not to wait for email reply for hours. They will be answered in real time. Today's customer prefers those products, which are supported online. You also reduces your support hours by responding queries online instead of reopening email queries number of times.


Live2Support ! Live Chat - One to one Live Chat hosted software application is state of art development for interactive sales, supports CRM solution. We constantly research and improve our software to provide our customer advance, smooth and cost effective solution.

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